Education Symp
 International Collaboration for Excellence in Critical Care Medicine


Educational Symposium May 15-17, 2002

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Program Outline




bullet Mechanical Ventilation
bullet Sedation & Analgesia

Leadership in Critical Care



bullet Technology in Critical Care
bullet Simulation training

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The COE Symposium is part of the Canadian Critical Care Outreach Program

Photo Album

bulletParticipants, faculty and sponsors


bulletSeminars in the Surgical Skills lab


bulletDr. Peter Smyth: Personality and teamwork


bulletChoosing a personality "colour energy"


bulletAustralia, Israel and Canada get together


bulletParticipants from Poland and Argentina


bulletThe Czechs and South African using their Palms


bulletInternational knowledge exchange by infrared


bulletDrs. Lapinsky and Stewart (Canada) with Dr. Suh (Korea)


bulletSimMan, the patient simulator being resuscitated


bulletSimMan gets defibrillated


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